Okay, but let’s talk about Rebecca Logan for a sec, ‘kay?

Rebecca, who grew up being known only as the daughter of a powerful politician, who was expected to be held to rigorous standards she despised, whose main identifiers when introducing her were not “Bex” or “witty” or “sharp” or “will make your life so much more interesting and real by being in it”, but merely “senator’s daughter” and “kind of boring”.

Rebecca, whose father is white and comes from old money, whose mother is a distant, vague figure. Who has to deal with being biracial and a woman in such a conservative bigoted political environment, even if it never came up in the actual show.

Rebecca, whose only previous relationships meaningful enough to talk about now are with a member of the staff who hides cheesaritos for her and a girl she calls a “best friend” she says she misses, but never invites to visit or goes herself, never writes to or talks about, never acknowledges.

Rebecca, who has seen enough mistresses walk out of her father’s bedroom and heard him make enough promises that “it won’t happen again” only to break them two weeks later to know that love is an illusion, a myth perpetuated by a society to trap women into monogamous childbearing relationships while the men can roam freely into anyone’s pants they like and it’s regarded as normal, while if the woman breaks this agreement, she will be ostracized from society. Who knows how fleeting moments of happiness are, and that they hurt a lot worse if you try to cling to them.

Rebecca, who comes to college knowing full well that to everyone there she is “the senator’s daughter” with the “private jet and house in the Bahamas” and the “pedigree which will raise this college’s and sorority’s public perception”, that she is not “Rebecca, friendless girl who is finally old enough to make her own decisions and start breaking free of this bullshit she’s had to adhere to all her life, who is looking to explore the big world out there and doesn’t quite know where to begin”, that she is simply… a status.

Rebecca, who accepts this fact and uses it as leverage to get the best deal possible for her; she knows what she’s worth - be it her personality or her status. Who is not afraid to flaunt this in their faces because, hey, you only wanted me for my family, right?

Rebecca, who came to college and immediately, on her first night, found the hottest, richest, most desirable bachelor on campus and had her way with him. Rebecca, who, upon finding out that he’s in a committed relationship with one of those girls who only wanted her for her money, goes “how awkward for you!” because like hell is she apologizing for having great sex with a hot guy who wanted it as much as she did. Like hell is she taking blame for ruining someone else’s relationship if she simply happened to be the one to expose the holes already in it. And like hell is she gonna let some preppy cheerful president wannabe tell her how long she’s supposed to get to know a guy before taking his pants off; this is her body and her life and her choices.

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Strive for five challenge — [3/5] Male Characters: Cappie (Greek)
"This is ridiculous. Can we be mature and just say what we’re all thinking… How the heck could they cancel Gilmore Girls!?"

"They wanted change."

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Fangirl Challenge: [3/4] OT3s » Casey, Rusty & Ashleigh
"I hate that you keep bringing that up."
“I hate being talked down to.”

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I’m always interested in where ideas come from. Where did you get the inspiration for your breakthrough?

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someday: a cappie/casey fanmix

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thatgingerbrooke: So I just finished watching Greek on netflix and let me just say I am so thankful for this blog. It's seriously one of the best shows i've ever watched. <3

Thank you <33 I agree, Greek is such a great show and so underrated! 


"Somewhere along the way, I discovered that I ended up with a family. Screwed up and dysfunctional, like every other family but a family nonetheless. And this family can include you if you want it to."

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