Hey, do you know where I can find the extended finale? The one where Evan told Cappie that they bought LS house?

It used to be in youtube but apparently the account that uploaded it was cancelled and I can’t find it anywhere else, sorry!! 

Anyone has it on their computer and can upload it to tumblr/youtube/vimeo?? 

Well first Jake got his own show and then Scott gets a big opportunity, I'm so excited! I'm kinda worried that Jake's show won't last but I like both him and Analeigh so I'll definitely watch it. And btw, I'm rewatching once again the show and I just had to tell someone who would appreciate it :p

I know, me too! I love the cast so much and I just want them all to be successful :’) And I know what you mean, the show looks good if you like the romantic comedy type of thing (which I do) but I don’t know how it’ll do in ratings. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see and hope for the best! 

And I’m so glad you’re rewatching, I started rewatching it too the other day and, no matter how many times I’ve watched the show, I still laugh like an idiot at certain scenes. 

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"My friend is the one who dictates who’s cool. You see, this friend has never cared what other people thought of her. And you know what? Everyone fell in love with her for it. She… is Angelina Jolie.”

I miss greek so much :) I'm so happy SMF will be in ouat, I'm gonna go back to this show for him. I kind of need to rewatch greek too. Sigh.

Me too! I think knowing Scott is gonna be in another big show has all feeling a little nostalgic. Don’t worry, you’re not alone we all miss Greek. 

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"Rebecca shouldn’t have to grovel at all, Tegan. Yes, she should apologize, but that’s it. We can’t desert our sister now, when she needs us the most. Sisters trust and support each other, no matter what. It’s simple, we stand together.”

Evan totally still have feelings for casey even by the end of the show.. Sometimes I want to see more of that and its closure.. But i totally ship casey and cappie

Maybe, maybe not. I rather think that not, not because of Cappie and Casey, but because I don’t think it would be fair to Rebecca being with someone who has feelings for someone else, you know? 

I’m a big Casey and Cappie shipper, it’s always been them for me so I guess I can’t be totally objective in this, but Casey and Evan broke up in season 1 and after that it’s pretty clear for everyone that Casey and Cappie are still in love with other and that’s why their relationships with other people doesn’t work. So, closure in the sense of Evan and Casey? I think if she doesn’t love him there really isn’t much to do, right? And after awhile they got to a point where they could be friends so I guess that was their closure idk. 

Because I saw you answering some questions, I miss greek so I cam to your blog again, and see all the gifs, and now Its 4 am, here I am rewatching greek from frannie to max, to casey evan n cappie friendship to the gamma phi fire! hahaah thank to you! Now i lack of sleep! I wish this show would never end

Oops, sorry about that! But Greek is a fun show and it brings happiness and good feelings so rewatching the show is good! Even if it is at 4 am hahah.

Scott Michael Foster is going to be on Once Upon a Time as Kristoff from Frozen and fandom for that show and the movie is HUGE so I think you'll probably get some more Greek fandom blogs soon...

I heard and I’m so happy for him! I know the fandom is one of the big ones so I hope that means more people will appreciate how great Scott Michael Foster is. And I don’t know about the greek fandom blogs but if that means that more people will watch the show and start being active in the fandom I’ll be a happy girl. 

And talking about our Greek cast and the upcoming fall season, I don’t know if you guys know that Jake McDorman has a new show coming up this fall. The show is called Manhattan Love Story and here is the trailer if you want to check it out! 

i miss the show so much- it was one of my first obsessions back in 2007- and recently started rewatching- it's nice to know there are other fans still out there! Love your blog!

I definitely know the feeling, I miss Greek too (I still can’t believe that abc family renewed PLL for seasons 6 and 7 and we didn’t even get a full 4th season) . And yeah there are people out there who still love the show, we might be a small fandom but we really do love the show. Oh, and thank you, it means a lot! 

/ I want to show the girl who claims she doesn’t believe in love how much she means to me. You know she’s the first girl that doesn’t make me feel like I’m the evil guy that everyone else thinks I am. She gets my background and why we are the way we are. She deserves someone special.