Greek Extended Finale.

Someone asked a few months ago for the greek extended finale and I thought I didn’t have it but doing some cleaning on my computer I found it! 

I tried to upload it to youtube but it got blocked immediately because of the copyright so I decided to upload it to mediafire.

So, if you wanna have it you can download it here

hey!did you watch manhattan love story?

I did! I wasn’t really impressed with the pilot tbh but I think the second episode was slightly better, the thoughts thing is a little weird sometimes (like at that scene with the taxis at the beginning of the second episode) but it has potential, there’s definitely things I like. Like the sister of Jake’s character, I think she’s cool, Analeigh is super cute, and also I think Jake is looking mighty fine in this show, am I right? 

What did you (and everyone else) think? Are you guys enjoying it? :)

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Scott Michael Foster talks about Greek on Glamour.

So, changing gears, I have to talk about Greek. I was a huge fan. Where’s Cappie now?

Well, I would like to think that he’s still with Casey in Washington D.C. and living happily ever after. I did a TV show that didn’t last on ABC calledThe Zero Hour, and my character was working at a magazine. When that came out, people online were like, “Oh, Cappie’s in New York working at a magazine now!” I was like, “Completely different show.” I would like to think that instead of that he’s still with Casey in their red Prius driving around—never stopping anywhere, just driving forever off into a sunset.

Does the cast still keep in touch? 
Yeah! Actually, the reason I’m out here [in NYC] for this trip is because Jake McDorman, who played Evan, is doing a show for ABC, Manhattan Love Story. We’re really close. I hang out with Paul James, who played Calvin, and Jacob Zachar, who played Rusty. Amber Stevens (Ashleigh) is getting married to Andy West, who played the character Fisher—he was the hot guy that worked at the Zeta Beta House. They’ve been together for like, 6 years.

What?! They’re getting married? My mind is blown.
I know, I know. The only people I don’t see a lot is Clark Duke [who played Dale]. He’s busy. And I never see Spencer Grammer (Casey). She’s got a baby, so she’s being mom of the year.

I feel like the show was ahead of its time. Like, if it came on when Netflix and Hulu were around, it would have been around longer.
Absolutely. I think, honestly, the reason it’s still talked about and revered today is because of Netflix. The entire show is on Netflix, and I think more people have watched it since it’s been on Netflix than people who watched it when it was on TV. It’s gotten sort of a cult following, which is really cool. Nobody expected that to happen when we were shooting it. I think if any of these platforms were doing what they’re doing now in 2010 or 2011, we might have gone on further. Who knows. (x)

College isn’t about learning, it’s a four-year course on how to get by and beat the system.

Hi! I was wondering... Do you know where I can watch/download Seasons 3 & 4 of Greek?

I don’t know where you can watch it online but you can find a few torrents in the pirate bay and kickass torrents. 

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I finished Greek and, of course, I’m obsessed with Cappie and Casey!! SO I MADE A VIDEO! The song is Nothing Like You and I by The Perishers. Hope you guys like it! :)

Another Meme I Won’t Finish: [12/15] Relationships » Rusty & Casey
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I did the right thing. That’s from you, Jiminy Cricket.


Was finally able to capture Scott doing the ice bucket challenge!  Not much of a challenge though since it was close to 100 degrees here in Texas today!

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